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Babe O’Sullivan, City of Eugene
Good Company provides a level of policy expertise to local governments that is unmatched. As the Sustainability Liaison for the City of Eugene, I relied on Good Company to develop cutting-edge climate policy analysis and recommendations. They are both innovative and technically savvy in their approach and always produce top-notch deliverables. They’re my go-to experts for municipal sustainability policy.”

—Babe O’Sullivan
Former Sustainability Liaison at City of Eugene
Karen Cook, Sustainability Project Manager, County of Alameda, CA
Good Company has helped develop stronger and more impactful sustainability and climate actions plans through their generous and committed partnerships with state and local governments. They have provided technical and educational assistance far beyond their contracted work, including contributions to the development of web-based tools and webinars hosted by the West Coast Climate Forum. Good Company’s leadership and cutting-edge research have positioned many west coast cities and states to adopt innovative and impactful climate inventory and sustainability plans.”

—Karen Cook
Sustainability Project Manager, County of Alameda, CA
Dan Hurley, Lane County, OR Waste Management Manager
Good Company excels in providing in-depth analysis for complex environmental issues.  Working in the public sector, we are frequently challenged to address complex public problems with competing interests and no clear best solution.  In these types of situations, we attempt to balance the “three legged stool” of social, economic, and environmental potential concerns.  Good Company has been instrumental in helping us quantify and evaluate two legs of that stool – the economic and environmental factors – so that we can make informed decisions that fully consider the competing interests.  I have found their staff to be incredibly responsive, skilled, and knowledgeable.”

—Dan Hurley
Lane County, OR Waste Management Manager
Karl Morgenstern, EWEB Environmental Management Supervisor
Good Company has been a solid outside partner to us. They have helped us with many parts of our sustainability programs: from our power generation triple bottom line due diligence tool for power contracting or purchase, to helping us with our water supply protection program, to developing environmental and social performance metrics and auditing systems to training our folks on how to measure our carbon footprint in our operations as well as our power portfolio. We know we can rely on Good Company to listen to us and help us help ourselves.”

—Karl Morgenstern
EWEB Environmental Management Supervisor
Tom Roberts at Roberts & Rose Mariculture
Good Company helped us develop the social and environmental management and reporting system to help us keep our aquaculture business on track. Just as important, is our ability to keep our investors and customers happy knowing that their money also goes towards improving the environment and the quality of life of our employees and community in a developing nation. What was also extremely valuable is that they took a partner position and helped with whatever they could - not just sustainability analytical systems. They helped us reach strategic partners, key personnel and investors and helped us market our story.”

—Tom Roberts
Roberts & Rose Mariculture, Founder and Principal
Josiah McClellan, Director of Sustainability and Food Market Issues at United Soybean Board
I wanted to thank the whole team again for the work you did on this project, particularly your skill at quickly getting up to speed on sustainable agriculture issues and then confidently integrating that knowledge base into the project deliverables. The report, framework and decision tool you developed will prove valuable as USB becomes more proactive on sustainability and considers the type of binding sustainability commitments it wants to make.”

—Josiah McClellan
Director of Sustainability and Food Market Issues at United Soybean Board