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Vermont Transportation Agency

Solar Development Plan: Regulatory Boundaries, Business Models, Financial Performance and Contracting Term

  • Reviewed federal, state and local regulations for utilities, highway departments and power generators
  • Interviewed other agencies that had developed solar projects for lessons learned
  • Provided a robust financial modeling tool that modeled different PV system sizes, ownership structures, and project types
  • Developed a Guidebook to define the steps from A-Z in developing projects, including a financial pro forma to estimate project costs and value (for all parties) to better negotiate with developers and financiers as well as define the key contract terms in procurement and contracting with the third parties
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City of Eugene–solid waste hauling impacts study
Multnomah County, OR –Burnside Bridge rehabilitation, in partnership with HDR Metro – Operational GHG Inventory

Oberlin, OH

Scaling Greenhouse Gas Reduction Potential and Cost of Climate Actions

  • Developed a calculation methodology and scaled benefits for two actions:
    - implementation of a voluntary green building certification system
    - incentives for installation of residential electric vehicle chargers
  • Supported the City in updating their Climate Action Plan by providing reliable ways to assess and compare the cost effectiveness of these actions as well as template for other actions of the plan
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Washington County, OR–total cost of ownership tool
Beaverton, OR–climate action plan for the community and operations, mitigation and adaptation
City of Eugene, OR–climate & environment action plan for fleet
Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission–biogas utilization assessment

Oakridge, OR, in partnership with Oregon Solutions

Wood Smoke Mitigation Project

  • Convened with a broad coalition of public agencies, non-profits and private businesses to develop the Resource Development and Mitigation Plan
  • Developed the plans that cover resource development, program development, and needed heating system replacements to ensure both community health and keeping people warm in the winter
  • Outlined the recruitment of $1 million in funding to install ductless heat pumps and EPA certified wood stoves, as well as weatherize homes
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Portland Metro–identifying and assessing options for managing urban wood waste
Federal Highway Administration–feasibility and implications of electric vehicles
Eugene Water & Electric Board–program design for carbon trading in the drinking water supply watershed


American Chemistry Council

White paper on Benchmarking Plastics to Fuel Technologies to Air Emissions of Common Industries

  • Gathered air emission run data, bench data, and permit data for the technology providers and normalized them to a standard functioning unit of an inbound ton of plastic feedstock
  • Benchmarked emissions to commonly known industries and facilities such as bakeries, dairies, campus housing etc. to illustrate relative levels of air emissions
  • Developed a white paper on the air emissions profile of the technologies, developed graphics to show comparative scale and developed a special section on dioxins to educate the readers on the sources of dioxins and the means to avoid their formation
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Bare Snacks–life cycle analysis
Confidential Materials Management Company–comparative environmental benefit study of food waste co-digested at waste water treatment facilities versus standalone anaerobic digestion

Fresherized Foods

Annual Sustainability Program Management, GHG and Water Performance Evaluation, Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting and Communications

  • Assisted with the annual sustainability efforts providing executive sustainability strategy and oversight of the operational efforts required for Fresherized to meet its GHG and supply chain goals
  • Performed an annual GHG inventory along with reporting to CDP Supply Chain, CDP Water, Walmart's Sustainability Index, and Ecovadis
  • Provided expertise in life-cycle analysis, water management, sustainability policy, and communications
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United Soybean Board–stewardship framework for farm level management of row crops
GloryBee–sustainability program development
Allos Environmental–development of a corporate sustainability management system

Loop Energy

Go to market strategy for heavy duty hydrogen fuel cells

  • Performed hands on market research to identify the marketplace for heavy duty zero tailpipe emission vehicles. Deliverables included assisting the customer in finding and evaluating:
    - pilot testing partners
    - strategic manufacturing partners
    - funding strategies
    - regulators and granting bodies
    - early-adopting and flagship customers
    - key environmental analytics
    - path to market
  • Additionally, Good Company was instrumental in bringing an experienced clean technology CFO to the company to support financial planning efforts.
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Café Yumm!–sustainability framework, metrics and benefit company reporting
Confidential Private Equity Firm–pre-investment due diligence on food supply chain company