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City of Eugene

Climate Recovery Ordinance Technical Assistance

  • Provided technical support to City staff in the development of a community carbon budget methodology to meet the requirements of Eugene's Climate Recover Ordinance.
  • Modeled science based targets -the rate of mitigation needed to meet varying concentrations of GHGs in the atmosphere for different goal dates.
  • Developed community carbon budget, community greenhouse gas inventory, operational inventory, and low-carbon purchasing plan based on supply chain GHG inventory.
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Vermont Department of Transportation–solar program development
Portland Metro–community GHG inventory
Port of Portland–social equity assessment and best management practices

Washington County, OR

Life Cycle Cost Tool

  • Developed a financial tool in Excel to support alternatives analysis for transportation project development, operations and maintenance.
  • Tool capabilities include auto calculation of average yearly cost of the facility over its life.
  • The tool can be used for total cost of ownership calculations, alternatives analysis for project sub components and/or whole project alternatives.
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City of Tacoma–Environmental Action Plan
City of Corvallis, OR–Climate Action Plan
City of Beaverton, OR–Climate Action Plan
Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission–triple bottom line analysis of temperature compliance alternatives
NCHRP–carbon sequestration and biomass generation project
Eugene Water & Electric Board–hydrogen generation, storage and stationary power feasibility study

Portland Metro

Identifying and Assessing Options for Managing Urban Wood Waste

  • Quantified GHG and particulate matter emissions and net energy used and created for three scenarios of urban wood waste:
    1) CHP Generation
    2) Residential Pellet Manufacturing
    3) MDF Manufacturing
  • Designed an Excel-based model to compare three fates of wood waste with toggled future regulatory conditions: hogged fuel for energy, densified wood pellets, and production of fiberboard.
  • Developed the tool based on EPA's WARM model, but modified it to encompass local conditions such as power generation.
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Federal Highway Administration–feasibility and implications of electric vehicle
Oregon Department of Transportation–solar highway project
Eugene Water & Electric Board–program design for carbon trading in the drinking water supply watersheds
City of Eugene–recycling economic development opportunities
Oregon Solutions–columbia river clean diesel project


Bare Snacks

Life Cycle Analysis

  • Performed a modified meta life-cycle analysis of three food products - apple, banana and coconut to determine lifecycle emissions associated with agricultural production in the Pacific Northwest and Asia.
  • Assessed all other supply chain stages from farm to retail stores including processing, packaging and distribution.
  • Conducted a quantitative analysis in our proprietary tool utilizing information from Clean Metrics' FoodCarbonScope, a web-based LCA software tool, and complemented that with LCA literature review information. The final deliverable was a report which the framing of results.
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Pacific Natural Foods–greenhouse gas inventory and sustainability reporting
City of Ashland, OR–GHG inventories

United Soybean Board

Stewardship Framework for Farm Level Management of Row Crops

  • Developed a sustainability management framework that goes beyond compliance and incorporates performance indicators important to the entire row crop supply chain. The framework was deployed amongst the USB’s membership as well as well as other row crop farm boards at the national level.
  • Reviewed published life-cycle impacts, regulatory and pending regulatory actions, best management practices, corporate responsibility frameworks and environmental frameworks of supply chain partners.
  • Developed a tool to be used by USB to quantify before and after performance of conservation projects and to assess proposed projects for funding by USDA.
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GloryBee–sustainability program development
Roberts & Rose–sustainability management and reporting framework

Loop Energy

Go to market strategy for heavy duty hydrogen fuel cells

  • Performed hands on market research to identify the marketplace for heavy duty zero tailpipe emission vehicles. Deliverables included assisting the customer in finding and evaluating:
    - pilot testing partners
    - strategic manufacturing partners
    - funding strategies
    - regulators and granting bodies
    - early-adopting and flagship customers
    - key environmental analytics
    - path to market
  • Additionally, Good Company was instrumental in bringing an experienced clean technology CFO to the company to support financial planning efforts.
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Café Yumm!–sustainability framework, metrics and benefit company reporting
Confidential Private Equity Firm–pre-investment due diligence on food supply chain company