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University of Texas at Austin

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

  • Conducted extensive interviews and data gathering with middle-level managers in Capital Planning and Facilities Maintenance, Facilities Services, and Environmental Health and Safety to develop strategy to manage atmospheric emissions.
  • The final inventory included customized methodology to estimate embodied supply-chain emissions from material flows and purchases by the university using economic input-output life cycle assessment (EIO-LCA).
  • The inventory was integrated with on-going energy efficiency investments, & serves as the foundation for the university’s sustainability & climate action plan.
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Other Recent Projects:
City of Eugene, Carbon Budget
Portland Metro, Community GHG Inventory
Port of Portland, Social Equity Assessment and Best Management Practices

National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP)

Carbon Sequestration and Biomass Generation Project

  • Researched the feasibility of transportation agencies establishing carbon sequestration and bioenergy feedstock projects in the right-of-way as a revenue generation strategy through the National Cooperative Highway Research Program of the Transportation Research Board
  • Developed a guidebook and feasibility screening tools identifying methods and protocols for state Departments of Transportation to maximize production of marketable biomass products and saleable carbon sequestration credits within their rights-of-way, while considering traditional vegetation management objectives.
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Other Recent Projects:
City of Tacoma, Environmental Action Plan
Business Oregon/Oregon Solutions, Energizing Oregon
Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission

Federal Highways Administration (FHWA)

Feasibility and Implications of Electric Vehicle (EV)

  • Evaluated the prospects and expectations for short and long-term deployment of EVs
  • Analyzed the potential impact of this deployment on the mission of the FHWA
  • Assessed the financial implications for available highway revenues and the ability to generate revenues not captured in the gas-tax
  • Identify infrastructure development needs and safety infrastructure development.
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Other Recent Projects:
Oregon Department of Transportation, Solar Highway Project
Portland Metro, Identifying and Assessing Options for Managing Urban Wood Waste
City of Eugene, Recycling Economic Development Opportunities
Oregon Solutions, Columbia River Clean Diesel Project


Pacific Natural Foods

Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Sustainability Reporting

  • Conducted comprehensive greenhouse gas inventory and supply chain analysis to identify GHG mitigation opportunities.
  • Provided customized employee training program and tools to internally manage this annual analysis.
  • Wrote response to CDP Supply Chain Questionnaire to disclose emissions results and identify risks from climate change; score was 49% higher than industry average.
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Other Recent Projects:
Bare Snacks, Life-Cyle Analysis and Performance Assessment

Roberts & Rose

Sustainability Management and Reporting Framework

  • Developed a custom sustainability reporting framework for an aquaculture sea farm based on a systematic evaluation of multiple leading sustainability and socially responsible reporting frameworks along with leading aquaculture and fishery certification schemes.
  • Created a sustainability report for use in seeking seed round investment funding through socially responsible investment platforms.
  • Providing ongoing support of funding activities including business plan development, environmental claims guidance and identification of potential mission-aligned investors.
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Other Recent Projects:
GloryBee, Sustainability Program Development
United Soybean Board, Stewardship Reporting Framework for U.S. Row Crops

Café Yumm!

Sustainability Framework, Metrics and Benefit Company Reporting

  • Developed the first Benefit Company report for Cafe Yumm!, a 21 page report sharing the company's operations and supply chain efforts for their 16-store, healthy-foods restaurants.
  • Selected reporting and management indicators based on the Global Reporting Initiative framework to assist the company in its tracking and performance evaluation.
  • Collected and analyzed data to show the company’s baseline sustainability performance.
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Other Recent Projects:
Fresherized Foods, 2015 Climate Strategy and Footprint Report